Center For Family Psychiatry and TMS Therapy, Saline, MI

TMS is not a pharmacologic intervention, and rather than focus on re-uptake inhibition of neuro-chemicals it focuses on activating and modulating the neurons to be more effectively balanced in their production of the monoamines which serve as neurotransmitters. Repetitive stimulation over a 6 week period makes the brains electro-chemical synapses to work normally through long term potentiation or memory training to remain sustainably balanced even when the Therapy is stopped.


Our Patient FZL Writes:

Before getting TMS I was struggling with severe depression and I had really reached a point of absolute hopelessness! I thought I was sentenced to a life of suffering and sadness. I was sure there was really no way to help me.

I don’t usually feel safe with male doctors but I felt very safe with Dr. Kirbat. He spoke to me not like a patient but like a person he had enormous respect for. I wasn’t just my mental illness, I was a whole person. His staff mirrored his respect, kindness & care for me. Sometimes, it was actually fun because all of them could take my treatment seriously while understanding the healing power of silliness. The treatment was difficult. It was very uncomfortable but compared to all of the years of depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and attempts the pain of treatment was far less than the pain of continuing to live in panic & despair. I knew this would end.

I knew that this offered the first chance to significantly change my mood & those things made it bearable. Plus they encouraged me to use any of my coping skills to help me remain calm & still. Sometimes I’d listen to music & other times I needed to talk & both were respected. Their only goal was to help me! They genuinely, clearly wanted the best for me.

My well-being was their greatest concern & that support helped get through any tough times. I’m done now & while it wasn’t the magic fix all I hoped-for, it did make significant positive changes in my mood, thought patterns & ability to manage life. I’m much calmer. I can much more quickly handle a negative situation so that I move from the problem to the solution without without spiraling into hell. It’s a lot easier for me to see the bigger picture and to find the path that I need to walk to help myself continue to heal and be OK in whatever moment I’m in.

I can actually take life in stride and I react like an average person. There are no longer the desperate painful lows. Everything does not end in helplessness & hopelessness. I’m making better decisions about the best way to care for myself. I actually have hope! I have hope that I can live a life free of depression, that I won’t be permanently imprisoned by sadness & panic.

I finally think that I’m not this permanently broken person who can never really be healed. It helped me forgive myself, it gave me space to see the truth about my life and myself. I got a lot of clarity about what other kinds of treatments I need to address some other issues that that couldn’t be helped by TMS. Most importantly, I don’t carry around the 2 ton boulder of misery, self hatred, panic, deep sadness & utter hopelessness.

I feel lighter! I feel freer! I feel hopeful! TMS truly changed the course of my life.